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Jef Murray Prints (Sketches)


Use this form to order all prints of my graphite sketches. Please specify the sketch title in the comment box, below. The title can be found on the webpage for the sketch. If I have multiple sketches by the same name (e.g., "Galadriel"), you will be contacted to verify which image you require.

All prints are limited edition, signed, and numbered, and they are produced using achival paper and inks. Images are printed on 8.5"x11" archival velvet art paper, but the actual image size will be as specified on the sketch webpage, unless that size is too large for an 8.5"x11" sheet, in which case it will be minimally scaled to fit.

If you need an image size different than the one specified on the sketch page, please contact me to make special arrangements.

Archival signed and numbered print: $34.00 plus shipping.

Sketch Title

All images Jef Murray, all rights reserved.